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Painting: Raffaello di Sanzio
"Madonna del Cardellino" (ca. 1506)
Click on the relevant body areas to read the feedback from patients of the office of  Dr. med Peters


General Feedback from patients of Dr. Peters

After several therapies and consultations in different doctor’s offices, my symptoms were diagnosed as incurable. I have finally visited Dr. med. Peters who examined and treated me with success, until I was able to get back control of my life without any further follow up. I am now able to enjoy my life again. Dr. med. Peters is the right professional to contact for ‘incurable’ diseases and I can just recommend her. M.B., Samedan


Here below there are some feedback forms from J. Peters’ patients, arranged by body areas:

Allergies / skin/  hair
Abdominal complaints
Locomotor system/pain
Women’s illnesses
Ear / Nose / Throat   
Head area    
Respiratory system 
Nervous System  
Men’s illnesses
Our bodies are like pieces of art, and it is an art to keep them in best health.