Think better – think healthier – think “green

Many scientific studies today show that a walk in nature or inhaling 100% natural fragrances, reduces stress, improves memory and increases the ability to concentrate.
mong other things, after a “bath in nature” increased levels of immune cells were detected, the heart rate decreased and in the EEG (electroencephalogram ) was measured a higher alpha wave activity, which is associated with increased serotonin levels.
The first human “homo errectus” appeared on earth 1.9 million years ago. The fact that we have lived closely connected with nature for millions of years has left an invaluable programming in our body and soul.
It’s only been in the very recent history of mankind that we sit so much indoors on chairs and look into screens of cell phones, computers and tablets. Often we are additionally coated by synthetic fragrances and substances of shower gels, body lotions, deodorants and detergents…
Natural remedies play on the “keyboard” of the body with many hundreds of active ingredients grown outside. A chemical pill is usually based on a meager mono-substance.

Feel for yourself with the help of this poem, what all salutary we
The fragrance with which one is feasted in the woods is, like music, derived from a thousand untraceable sources… the whole air vibrates with myriad voices blended that we cannot analyze. So also we breathe the fragrant violets, the rosiny pine and spicy fir, the rich, invigorating aroma of plushy bogs in which a thousand herbs are soaked.
John Muir